Arkansas Legislature Relating to Fire Departments

House Bill 2122

Expand duties of ADEM/

Fire Rate reduction Plan

House Bill 1522

To Protect the Right

to Serve.

To Provide free Hunting &

Fishing Licenses for

Volunteer Firefighters.

House Bill 1217
Senate Bill 234

Income tax exemption for Police & Fire Retirement

Public Safety/ To

Declare an Emergency

House Bill 1553
House Bill 1708

Fire Rating Reduction

Plan grants Appropriation

House Bill 1709

Fire Rating Reduction

Plan grants Appropriation

Sentence enhancement for targeting First Responders.

House Bill 1172
House Bill 1578

Concerning offenses involving riots.

Amend law concerning

Fire Dept. organization.

House Bill 2070
House Bill 2061

Modernize Fire Rating

system in Arkansas.

Concerning fire protection & washer-extractor requirements.

House Bill 1758